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Privacy / Terms & Conditions

"TowingNearMe" will not be responsible for any actions made by third party companies.

Each service will be provided by a third party official company that listed on our directory

Any damage made by third party vendors will be under the official vendor responsibility.

We are an advertising website that connects you to official, licenced, and insured towing companies in Los Angeles. 

"TowingNearMe" does not in any circumstance collect and store users data for marketing purposes.

We will provide our vendors with you name, phone number, and vehicle pick up address, in case you contact us instead of the vendors directly.

The information we receive (such as mobile phone numbers, addresses, names etc…) by a customer is only used to contact such a customer with an estimate for the requested service, either by e-mail or phone in the case that a phone number was supplied.

Price quotes over the phone are a minimum. Every service has its unique complication. 

Important Note: Unforeseen complications may arise at the job site, these changes may affect the price by way of labor, so the total price of the job may me different from the "over the phone quote".